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avalon e*2 natursoft ultraleather plush
  harmony ultraleather
medisport promessa
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bodyCushion Colors

Blue   Black

Earthlite Standard Natursoft Vinyl Free

Natursoft is most popular standard vinyl offered by Earthlite. Natursoft feels soft and warm to the touch, has superior abrasion resistance, and is oil and stain resistant.

Earthlite Natursoft Standard Luxury Vinyl
Amethyst* Black* Burgundy* Hunter* Latte**
Amethyst Natursoft swatch Black Natursoft Swatch Natursoft burgundy vinyl Natursoft hunter vinyl Natursoft latte vinyl
Marie's Beige** Mystic Blue* Sage** Sapphire** Sterling**
Earthlite/Living Earth Crafts Marie Beige Natursoft Vinyl Swatch Natursoft mystic blue vinyl Natursoft sapphire vinyl Natursoft sterling vinyl
Teal* Vanilla Crème White    
Earthlite Teal Natursoft Vinyl Swatch  Natursoft vanilla creme vinyl Earthlite White Natursoft Vinyl  
* stock
**  non-stock +$10/$20/$50 depending on equipment purchased
Call or email for discounts!
Earthlite Ultraleather Upgrades $300 for  UltraLeather Upgrades on all Tables $49 Accessories Call or email about discounts! Environmentally friendly fabric that is durable, oil and stain resistant, will not stiffen or crack, and feels and looks like glove leather. We highly recommend UltraLeather for spa or heavy use
Black UL White UL Almond UL Berry UL Baltic UL
Earthlite Black UL Vinyl Swatch Earthlite White UltraLeather Swatch almond ultraleather vinyl berry ultraleathe vinyl baltic blue ultraleather vinyl
Charcoal UL Curry UL Papyrus UL Pearl UL Taupe UL
charcoal ultraleather vinyl Earthlite Curry Ultraleather Earthlite Papyrus Ultraleather Vinyl Swatch pearl ultraleather vinyl papyrus ultraleather vinyl
Inner Strength Plush Vinyl
Inner Strength Plush Vinyl Colors
Inner Strength Essential Lift   Nature's Touch Beige Inner Stregth Essential Lift Nature's Touch Beige
Harmony DX & Medisport Massage Table Packages
Yosemite Stationary Massage Shiatsu Chiropractic Table
Earthlite durable economy grade Nature's Touch vinyl Free
Agate Blue Black Burgundy Teal
Earthlite Nature's Touch Harmony DX Vinyl Agate Earthlite Harmony DX Nature's Touch Vinyl Black   Earthlite Harmony DX Nature's Touch Vinyl Burgundy Earthlite Harmony DX Nature's Touch Vinyl Teal
Living Earth Crafts Standard NaturSoft Vinyl Natursoft feels soft like fine Italian gove leather. You have to feel it to believe it. Durable enought to withstand repetitive, intense exposure to spa-grade oils, creams and treatments, Natursoft is still supple and luxurious enough to satisfy your most discerning clientelle with unparalleled comfort and luxurious feel, long-lasting lifespan for years of use, environmentally friendly polyurethane fabric with breathable, biodegradable rayon backing.
Living Earth Crafts Natursoft Vinyl Swatches 
Amethyst* Black* Burgundy* Hunter* Latte**
Living Earth Crafts Amethyst (Purple) Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Black Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Burgundy Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Hunter Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Latte Natursoft Vinyl
Marie's Beige** Mystic Blue* Sage** Sapphire** Sterling**
Living Earth Crafts Marie's Beige Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Mystic Blue Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Sage Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Sapphire Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Sterling Natursoft Vinyl
Teal* Vanilla Creme White**
Living Earth Crafts Teal Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts Vanilla Creme Natursoft Vinyl Living Earth Crafts White Natursoft Vinyl  
*Stock depending on Table or Accessory Options **+$10/+$20/+$50 depending Table or Accessory Options
Living Earth Craft Ultaleather Vinyl Upgrade $300 Tables  $49 Accessories Ultraleather: Direct from the designer's palette, Ultraleather is a stylish, ultrasoft yet resilient option featuring an assortment of rich colors to complement any design and an environmentally friendly upholstery.
Living Earth Crafts Ultraleather Vinyl Swatches        
Living Earth Craft Promessa Vinyl Upgrade $300 Tables $49  Accessories Promessa incorporates all of the features of Living Earth Crafts Ultraleather upholstery, plus an innovative two-toned texture naturally bonded with antimicrobial protection. The colors, feel and durability of Promessa vinyl is simply stunning!  
Living Earth Crafts Promessa Luxury Vinyl 
Aqua Vinyl Recommended for treatments involving water therapy, this velvety smooth vinyl is pleasant to the touch and water resistant.
Marina Aqua Stardust Aqua                
Living Earth Crafts Marine Aqua Vinyl Swatches                 
Living Earth Craft Table/Cabinet Stains/Finishes: Explore the color, beauty and experience of personalizing your table to match your spa dcor. By combining one of 21 stain or lacquer options with one of over 25 options in vinyl, your table goes beyond being an essential piece of equipment, it becomes part of your design and vision. Any wood framed Living Earth Crafts table can be stained or lacquered. Get inspired! NC for Natural Maple Finish, $295 for Stains / Lacquers on Cuvee, Contemporary, Classic Cabinets and all other wood frames  $150 Trolleys $50 Pedi Accessories $25 Other Accessories No Stain / Lacquer available on Cloud 9 White Base     
Living Earth Crafts Cabinet Stains Lacquers Finishea    
Almond Lacquer  Black Lacquer  Dark Mahogany Lacquer  White Lacquer   
Living Earth Crafts Almond Cabinet Lacquer Living Earth Crafts Black Cabinet Lacqer  Living Earth Crafts Dark Mahogany Cabinet Lacquer  Living Earth Crafts White Cabinet Lacquer    
Pisces Soft Touch Vinyl A line of vinyl that is not only soft and comfortable, but is also strong and resistant to stains, oils, alcohol and other irritants. Pisces Productions Ultra Leather vinyl upgrade $80 massage table; $70 massage chair; $4-$10 accessories Environmentally friendly and butter soft, leatherlike, durable, oil and stain resistant vinyl that simply will not stiffen or crack. We highly recommend Ultra Leather for spa or heavy use
Pisces Productions Vinyl Swarches 
Stronglite SoftTouch, Stronglite & Inner Strength Plush and Stronglite SatinTouch vinyls  Free All Stronglite vinyls have superior abrasion resistance and are oil and stain resistant. The highest quality vinyl is used on Stronglite's top of the line Premier table and Premier table packages. Stronglite's Plush vinyl is available on Stronglite's Standard and Standard Plus massage table packages and on the SStronglite Standard massage chair. Stronglite's vintage Satin Touch vinyl is used on the Stronglite Classic Deluxe massage table package, the Stronglite Versalite massage table package, and the Ergo Pro massage chair.
All Stronglite Vinyl Swatches
Earthlite the World's #1 Brand in Massage Living Earth Crafts the Choice of World Class Spas Pisces Productions Lightest Weight Massage Reiki Tables &amp; Versatile Dolphin Massage Chair Inner Strength Quality Economy Massage Tables Packages Stronglite Economy Massage Tables & Massage Chairs Body Cushion Body Support Systems Inc. Ashland Oregon
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