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Emerald City Reiki Center e-mcity.com 1.800.379.8315 online massage gear store offers premium massage and reiki tables and equipment. Our top of the line products include portable massage tables, reiki massage tables, electric and hydraulic lift massage tables, spa, salon and resort massage tables including manicure and pedicure chairs. All of our products are designed to improve the efficiency of your massage, reiki, medical, acupuncture, chiropractic or other health care practice.Our massage tables are available in a wide array of earth-friendly vinyl colors with ecologically- resourced wood or lightweight steel frames. Emerald City Reiki Center e-mcity.com 1.800.379.8315 sells all of the top massage table manufacturers including Earththlite, Living Earth Crafts, Pisces Productions, Stronglite and Inner-Strength. e-mcity.com 1.800.379.8315  offers cash, hospital, government, professional, school and student discounts on all our massage products.  Call us at or email us. Find us and like us  "Emerald City Reiki Center" on Facebook for discounts.

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